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London Fog Jumbo iPhone 6/6s/7/8/SE Case

$42.00 USD $60.00 USD Save $18.00 USD

Embrace nature's gentle giants with the Pela Jumbo Phone Case. Adorned with etchings of serene elephants amidst a forest of delicate foliage, this case is a peaceful pocket-sized tribute to the wild. It transforms your phone into an ode to the gentle and the strong. The Pela Jumbo is more than a protective shell; it's a call to mindfulness, a reminder to carry the quiet majesty of nature with you through the concrete jungle. Let your phone be a beacon of calm in the chaos of daily life! 🐘🌿✨

Beautifully designed, Pela cases are the world's first truly sustainable phone case. They are durable enough to protect your phone from drops and scratches and are also compostable!

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